Our Services

Maximising Value | Minimising Risks

Property is often perceived as a big cost burden and a constraint when driving change projects.
However, when approached in a strategic way, real estate decisions can:

Improve profitability
Decrease commercial and financial risks
Improve organisational efficiency
Accelerate change projects

How we go about it

Our chartered surveyors work in partnership with our clients to establish a comprehensive Net Present Value Model of their real estate. They then develop future-proof Live-Cost Options, such as moving into new premises, consolidating into one existing building or re-negotiating existing leases and re-planning the space they are in already. During this process we consider not only financial implications, but also legalities such as break clauses, and the impact a relocation project can potentially have on staff attrition rates and performance, as well as branding and image issues.

This process allows our clients to make informed decisions. Depending on which options the client wants to pursue, we can then assist with either

  • Renewal negotiations for current leases and re-plan and re-fit of the existing space


  • Identifying and securing new premises, plan and fit-out

From this initial work we are able to provide a portfolio management service offering a level of specialist resource that can be called upon as required. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Monitoring of critical lease dates (rent reviews, break options, lease expiry and decoration)
  • Portfolio cost analysis and annual budgeting advice
  • Payment control including verification of property related invoices
  • Ongoing maintenance of portfolio database with lease extract reports

Our Real Estate Services Include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Estate management
  • Acting as your in-house Property Director
  • Rent reviews / lease expiry and renewal
  • Acquisition / disposal of property interests
  • Lease restructuring
  • Rating
  • Subtenant management
  • Service charge audits
  • Dilapidations
  • Planning advice

Managing Change

Project management on a big scale requires not only technical skills and experience but also cultural sensitivity and the ability to manage all stakeholders involved.

Conducting an Orchestra of Stakeholders

Often smaller organisations do not have the project management expertise and the technical know-how in house, and in many cases established real estate management departments do not have the capacity to drive and manage projects on top of day-to-day business.

Either way, Stream acts as an extension of your team, adding the expertise and manpower to deliver the project. The highly qualified and experienced Stream project managers manage all stakeholders involved, from the project sponsors to client resources, contractors, sub-contractors and regulators such as Health and Safety Inspectors. Typically, we manage projects from £100k to £1m but we have lead and delivered projects in excess of £10m.

How we go about it

We act as a client agent, interpreting and implementing the brief with all parties involved, ensuring that best practice, pricing and quality is achieved.

We will often constructively challenge the brief in terms of legislation, practicality and culture, and our experience also allows us to deliver valuable input in terms of team dynamics and departmental interaction.

Our role often commences with establishing the brief in partnership with the client, before executing to the brief with effective project management throughout, finishing with the final account and hand-over of the project.

Apart from the highly technical know-how required to deliver to complex project briefs, we believe that our ability to manage a multitude of stakeholders and potential cultural differences is a key strength of our offering.

Our Project Management Services Include:

  • Office relocation
  • Fit out
  • Construction project management
  • Relocation management
  • Project planning
  • CDM (Construction Design Management)
  • Supplier assessment and engagement
  • Contractor appointment
  • F10 applications
  • Statutory and landlords’ consents

Controlling Costs | Accelerating Change

As your business changes, so does the way you operate and the way you use your commercial buildings and facilities. It is often hard for an in-house team to stop the day-to-day business and to look at the bigger picture.

How we go about it

Stream can offer experience to benchmark your facilities management and make sure that you are applying the most suitable approach to the way you manage your services as your needs evolve. Save costs and make the best use of your buildings to enhance your productivity.

Our Facilities Management services include:

  • Best practice audits
  • Change management
  • Retendering and vendor selection
  • Cost control, containment and analysis
  • Introducing SLA's and KPI's
  • Accommodation reviews and space audits
  • Fit out and project management
  • Mentoring / influencing in-house teams
  • Facilities Management Consultancy

Additional Services

Whilst our bread and butter are sensible office ventures, we have been known to deliver less ordinary projects (and thoroughly enjoyed working on them!).

Assignments we have completed that are outside our usual scope include:

  • Hotels
  • Football stadia
  • High-end residential properties
  • Large logistics warehouses

Get in touch to discuss your requirement and let’s jointly assess whether we are the right people for your brief!