Facilities Consultancy

Controlling Costs | Accelerating Change

As your business changes, so does the way you operate and the way you use your commercial buildings and facilities. It is often hard for an in-house team to stop the day-to-day business and to look at the bigger picture.

How we go about it

Stream can offer experience to benchmark your facilities management and make sure that you are applying the most suitable approach to the way you manage your services as your needs evolve. Save costs and make the best use of your buildings to enhance your productivity.

Our Facilities Management services include:

  • Best practice audits
  • Change management
  • Retendering and vendor selection
  • Cost control, containment and analysis
  • Introducing SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Accommodation reviews and space audits
  • Fit out and project management
  • Mentoring / influencing in-house teams
  • Facilities Management Consultancy