The Qube

The Client

Nick Sonuga and Amin Hamzianpour are Co-Founders of The Qube.

The Project

The Qube is a 22,000 sq ft venue for creatives in West London. It’s the first of its kind providing space for creative professionals to connect and collaborate.

The Qube offers 40 spaces, including music, podcast, video and photography studios. London’s most inspired musicians, artists, managers, labels, and creators can hire rooms by the hour, day or longer, gaining access to flawless acoustics and high-tech equipment, all at affordable prices.

The Challenge

Yes, The Qube was most definitely a challenge!

It took a couple of years to find the site, which was a rundown warehouse, but the open space offered potential to create a state of the art recording facility.

Graham Moreton, Director at STREAM, became involved as Project Director at a very early stage. This meant that Nick and Amin not only benefited from Graham’s many years of experience developing and delivering commercial property projects but were also able to tap into his valuable network of contacts. The evolution of The Qube was in a safe pair of hands.

Graham made introductions to architects, the main contractor, sub-contractors, mechanical engineers and suppliers, who were all tried and tested and came highly recommended.

David Robertson, Graham’s co-director at STREAM provided advice on the lease and assisted in satisfying the landlords requirements.

As a start-up, Amin will admit that “We had to keep a keen eye on the budget”

“When the contractors’ quotes came in there was a significant difference between the lowest and the highest. We needed to understand the detail to make an informed decision about what we could and couldn’t expect to achieve.”

Amin Hamzianpour


Working with STREAM

The vision for the Qube was a state of the art, modern interior design with flawless acoustic qualities.

To manage both the design and value engineering process Stream were required to work very closely with Christine Skarr of Kvist, Project Architects. The ability to come together and work as a very strong team was absolutely instrumental in the project being a great success.

Due to complicated acoustic requirements to create the high-end studios, there were constraints on every element from construction and sound proofing of the walls, ventilation and security systems to the materials and furnishing used inside the rooms.

“Graham doesn’t shy away from problems. In fact, he looks for them, which could be quite frustrating, but it was only because he had our best interests at heart. He consistently looked for what could go wrong so that he could prepare for the worst. He always had an eye on protecting the project.”


The success of this project is because all involved enjoyed working together and became good friends.

“Graham was super fun, but we did test his patience and he didn’t mince his words when it was needed. The rapport that he built made managing people much easier.”


The finish date couldn’t afford to slip, business depended on it, so this threw an additional complexity into the project. The Qube officially opened the doors in February 2020, one year after construction began.

The Qube has quickly fostered an exceptional vibe and community spirit within the music and creative industry.

“This project was unique and took on an energy of its own. The passion of the owners was infectious. Everyone was emotionally invested in its success.”

Graham Moreton

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The Qube

The Qube is a 22,000 sq ft venue for creatives in West London. It’s the first of its kind providing space for creative professionals to connect and collaborate.

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